Sunday, January 29, 2017

Phoenix Real Estate Investing Education: Are Videos the Best Way to Learn?

With all the different sources of Phoenix real estate investing education, many wonder what the best way to learn actual
ly is. Whether it be blogs, books, videos, or in person seminars, every option seems to have pros and cons. Because YouTube grows every day, it has become a constant question whether or not videos are the best way to learn.

Before answering the question, it is important to decide what you would like to learn. Are you searching for in depth content that will take your education to the next level? Or are you looking for rapid fire information in short, easy to consume bits? After deciding that, are your questions common ones that many investors would be looking into or are you looking for niche information about specific concepts?

Phoenix Real Estate Investing Education
Phoenix Real Estate Investing Education
Regardless of how you answered the questions, videos could be a great way to learn because they are much easier to take in than reading straight blocks of text. However, depending on how you answered the questions, you may not be able to find the videos you need to learn. YouTube has an extensive video selection for common topics in short (5 minute) bits. While the website definitely has longer videos and a deeper selection, it becomes less and less likely you’ll find what you’re looking for as the topic gets more specific and complex.

The best education method is one that targets your strengths and your needs. If you enjoy reading and are looking for deep levels of knowledge on a specific topic, books are a great place to look. Blogs provide a lot of solid information in short and quick bits. For many, the more practical way to receive Phoenix real estate investing education may be to create a recipe of different learning methods, depending specifically on the topic.

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