Sunday, December 25, 2016

Phoenix Real Estate Investing Book: What to Read to Succeed

Phoenix Real Estate Investing Book
Phoenix Real Estate Investing Book
While there are many sources of information to learn about real estate investing, sometimes books get overlooked. Books are unique resources with significant value. While websites are limited in the information they provide, books dive deep into the important topics. This gives a comprehensive perspective about the topic you are hoping to learn instead of learning the general idea that only scratches the surface. Additionally, you can find broad books about investing or books on specific topics within investing to narrow in on topics you want to learn more about.

The Phoenix real estate investing book every real estate investor should read is Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert Kiyosaki breaks down financial freedom in a simple an entertaining way that motivates and educates readers about the idea of passive income. He lightly touches on real estate investing because of his experience with it, but the primary focus of this book is to open your mind to the freedom passive income (potentially through real estate) can bring. Being short and sweet, you can finish this book within a week and be motivated to continue your journey.

Phoenix Real Estate Investing Book
Phoenix Real Estate Investing Book 

Building Wealth One House
at a Time by John Schaub is an excellent Phoenix real estate investing book that helps start you on the path of investing. It covers early steps such as financing, negotiating, strategies, and contracts. John Schaub provides a conservative, slow and steady perspective, which has worked time and time again. It is important to remember at times that this book seems a little intuitive or simple, but going forward in investing it is the foundational elements John talks about that will make the biggest difference in your success.

The next book on your list should be The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing written be Spencer Strauss. This book is a brilliant overarching explanation to real estate investing. It covers everything from when you start your investing plan all the way to selling for high prices. No matter what method of investing you are pursuing, this book will help prepare you to succeed and needs to be on your reading list.

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